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Efrem Bergman is a complete and accomplished musician combining his artistry as both a pianist and a composer. His scores offer a unique blend of arrangements and orchestrations which is clearly evident with his most recent work. "Nixed", an animated feature leans towards a more jazz and film noir type score set in the 1960s while the "Artstra" project is developed with a classical style approach showcasing the Budapest Orchestra. Efrem's scores suggest many types of genres, all of which are strikingly different from one another.


Born in San Francisco, Efrem began his classical piano studies at the age of four and hasn't turned back since. He made his performance debut at age six and through many opportunities in the Bay Area was able to continue to appear in a number of solo recitals and various music festivals. "I felt at a young age that I was given the complete package to pursue a musical career," says Efrem. "I knew I had the talent and my skill level was equally as sound."

While studying at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with William Corbett Jones, Efrem competed and placed as one of the finalists in the Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition. Soon after receiving his Bachelor of Music degree at San Francisco State University, he relocated to Southern California to pursue a career as both a pianist and composer.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Efrem was selected as one of the pianists to participate in the 1984 Olympic games opening ceremonies performing Gershwin’s, "Rhapsody in Blue". After completing two-years at UCLA for each of the film scoring and sound engineering programs, Efrem began his scoring career for both film and television. Over the past thirty-five years, he has developed some reputable relationships in the entertainment industry and has a solid number of film and television credits.


"Being an accomplished pianist has given me an edge to produce my scores and orchestrations with ease and confidence,” says Efrem. "I feel blessed and very fortunate to have those skills to bring to the table."

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